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Data collection policy


Article 1. Processing of personal data

HORSE2ME LTD, based at 1300 Wavre, Avenue Zénobe Gramme 38, BCE 0719.827.694, determines the means and purposes of the processing of personally identifiable information registered and used on the website and is, in this regard, responsible for the processing of your information according to the law of 8 December 1992.

The present document describes the terms of the processing of users’ personally identifiable information from the moment of ordering via the website

Article 2. General Information - User

HORSE2ME registers first information that is communicated by users through the online data collection form available on the website.

This concerns personal information (name, address, telephone number, etc.) or non-nominative information (preferences, hours of availability, favorites, etc.).

Article 3. General Information – Email addresses

HORSE2ME saves the email or emails provided by the user. The authorization to save this information is explicitly asked of the user from the moment of the first collection of his email address. Each external email address shall contain in addition a possibility of the right of withdrawal. If multiple emails are registered, it may be necessary to exercise the right of withdrawal for each.

Article 4. Cookies and other digital processing

Other non-personal data are also saved electronically and automatically from the moment of each visit to the platform: the IP address, the name and version of the web browser, the time of the visit, the last web page consulted, and the cookies that allow HORSE2ME to determine the preferences of the user (choice of language, username and password, search criteria, etc.) Cookies are electronic files stored electronically and automatically on the hard disc of the user’s computer from the moment of visiting the website The information saved via cookies does not permit nominative identification and cannot be accessed except by HORSE2ME during a session of connection with HORSE2ME’s servers. The user can modify the parameters concerning saving cookies.

Article 5. For what ends does HORSE2ME use your data?

The general information and the email address are used for (i) guaranteeing proper execution of the placing of the order, (ii) for identifying users and for ascertaining their authorization access, (iii) for combatting fraud, (iv) for the management, monitoring and improvement of the website as a tool for promoting the products and services of HORSE2ME, (v) for direct marketing purposes (mailings) on the part of HORSE2ME, and (vi) for keeping users up to date on news about and innovations of HORSE2ME.

We can periodically use your personal data for sending important notifications, such as communications about purchases and modifications of our conditions. You may not refuse reception of these communications as these information are pertinent to your relations with HORSE2ME.

In no circumstance are the data to become objects of external communication other than those intended in the present document “privacy,” except for the purpose of meeting legal rules and obligations or upon the request of an administration or a judicial authority.

We likewise collect non-personal information. We can collect, use, transfer, and divulge such information for the above-mentioned purposes. For instance, HORSE2ME can collect the following data:

information such as the profession, language, postal code, area code, the unique identifier of the computer, the localization and the time zone in which an HORSE2ME product is used for the purpose of enabling us to better understand the behavior of our clients and for improving our products, services, and publicity.

The information about the activities of clients on our website; data are collected and used for helping us provide our clients more helpful information and for determining which parts of our website and which of our products are the most popular. The data collected are considered non-personal data for these purposes.

If HORSE2ME joins the non-personal data with the personal data, the information thus combined is to be treated as personal information as long as they are joined like this.

Article 6. Your rights

The law of 8 December 1992 in relation to the protection of privacy and the processing of personal data gives you the right to access information that concerns you and to ask for correction of these if necessary. You likewise have the right to oppose the use of your personal information for direct marketing purposes.

These rights can be exercised by addressing EPONA in accordance with the terms provided on the contact page of the website or by sending a letter by airmail to the following address: HORSE2ME LTD, Avenue Zénobe Gramme 38, 1300 Wavre, Belgium.

Article 7. Your preferences – Cookies

You are able to erase these files at any moment and you have the option of preventing cookies from being saved by adjusting the parameters on your computer accordingly. In these two cases, you risk a less efficient use of the HORSE2ME website.

The duration of the maintenance of these data on your computer is permanent if you do not delete your cookies (via the Internet Options function of your web browser). You can prevent cookies from being saved by configuring your web browser.